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On 11/19/2002, the City of Sweeny adopted Ordinance No. 100-03 requiring all houses and buildings to be numbered. 


The ordinances states, in part, "...all business establishments, residences and public buildings with the City of Sweeny, Texas, shall be numbered in accordance with the system provided by the City of Sweeny, Texas, and shall have placed on the front of the building a street number of a size and color legible enough to be seen by the public from the street in front of the building..."


The City still has quite a few buildings and houses that are not numbered. The police department is going door to door handing out warning notices. If you receive a notice, you have 30 days to affix a street number corresponding with the number of your address on the front of your building/house. Should you fail to place such numbering within 30 days of the notice, a citation may be filed against the home/business owner.


It is our sincere hopes and wishes that these warnings are heeded and no charges have to be filed in this matter.  Our intention is to help our public safety entities (POLICE, FIRE, EMS) locate houses/buildings much quicker when responding to calls (potentially life-threatening calls where seconds could make difference between life and death.)

For more information, please contact the Sweeny Police Department at 979-548-3112 or contact us via e-mail at







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