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City Charter

The City Charter for the City of Sweeny has been posted online for our citizens.  To assist citizens in viewing and printing these documents, each article has been separated onto different pages in several formats, HTML and Microsoft® Word™.

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Table of Contents HTML Document: 4.14 KB Word Document: 25.5 KB
Article I: Incorporation, Form of Government, & Powers HTML Document: 8.23 KB Word Document: 32.5 KB
Article II: The City Council HTML Document: 10.5 KB Word Document: 36.5 KB
Article III: Elections HTML Document: 5.13 KB Word Document: 26.5 KB
Article IV: Initiative, Referendum, & Recall HTML Document: 10.9 KB Word Document: 37.5 KB
Article V: Administrative Organization HTML Document: 4.59 KB Word Document: 25.0 KB
Article VI: Municipal Court HTML Document: 3.30 KB Word Document: 23.0 KB
Article VII: Finance HTML Document: 9.48 KB Word Document: 34.5 KB
Article VIII: Taxation HTML Document: 1.40 KB Word Document: 20.0 KB
Article IX: Franchises and Public Utilities HTML Document: 8.11 KB Word Document: 31.5 KB
Article X: General Provisions HTML Document: 13.2 KB Word Document: 41.0 KB
View the Entire City Charter HTML Document: 69.0 KB Word Document: 117 KB

NOTE:  HTML is viewed as a normal Web page in your Web browser.  No plug-ins or additional downloads are required to view this type of document.  Microsoft® Word™, a word processing program, is viewed using Microsoft® Word™, version 97/2000 or later, or Microsoft® Word Viewer™.  To view the documents in Word™, Microsoft® Word Viewer™ can be downloaded here at no cost.  Download Word Viewer™ only if your computer does not have Microsoft® Word, version 97/2000 or later version.

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