City of Sweeny, Texas




Sec. 3.01. General Elections.

The regular election of members of the City Council to the positions on the City Council occupied by persons whose terms are expiring shall be held on the first Saturday in May of each year and at every such election each qualified voter shall vote for not more than one candidate for each City Council position to be filled. Said election shall be ordered by the Mayor, and in the event of the failure of the Mayor to order the same, the City Council shall make such order. In the event of the inability or failure of the Mayor and the City Council to act, the election may be called by the City Secretary, and in the event of the inability of the City Secretary to act, by the County Judge of Brazoria County, Texas, and in the event of the inability of the County Judge to act, by the Governor of the State of Texas. The City Secretary shall give notice of such election by causing said notice to be published at least thirty days prior to the date of such election in the official newspaper of the City.

Sec. 3.02. Regulation of Election.

All elections shall be held in accordance with the Laws of the State of Texas regulating the holding of municipal elections, and in accordance with the ordinances adopted by the City Council for the conduct of elections. The City Council shall appoint the Election Judges and other election officials and shall provide for the compensation of all election officials in City elections, and for all other expenses of holding such elections.

Sec. 3.03. Filing of Candidates.

Any qualified person who desires to become a candidate for election to the City Council shall file an application with the City Secretary within the time prescribed by Law. Such application shall clearly designate the office and, if such office is for Councilmember, the position on the City Council, by number, to which the candidate seeks election, and shall contain a sworn statement by the candidate that he or she is fully qualified under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Texas and the provisions of this Charter to hold the office he or she seeks.

Sec. 3.04. Qualified Voters.

All citizens of the City qualified by the Constitution and Laws of the State of Texas to vote in City elections and registered as voters as prescribed by Law shall be qualified voters of the City within the meaning of this Charter.

Sec. 3.05. Canvassing Election and Declaring Results.

The City Council shall canvass the returns and declare the official results of each municipal election in accordance with applicable provisions of Law. The returns of every municipal election shall be recorded in the minutes of the City Council by precinct totals.

Sec. 3.06. Election by Plurality.

The qualified person receiving the highest number of votes cast for any office of the City subject to election shall thereupon be declared by said City Council elected.

Sec. 3.07. Notification and Qualifications of City Officers.

The City Secretary shall notify all persons elected or appointed to office of their election or appointment. Any officer elected or appointed must qualify by taking and subscribing the oath of office within thirty days after such election or appointment. If a person elected or appointed to an office of the City fails to take and subscribe to such oath of office within thirty (30) days following such election or appointment, such office may be deemed vacant by City Council.

Sec. 3.08. Special Elections.

The City Council may by ordinance or resolution call such special elections as are authorized by the Laws of the State of Texas or by this Charter, fix the time and place of holding same, and provide all means for holding such special elections; provided, however, every special election shall be called and held in accordance with applicable provisions of Law governing general elections.