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Mayor Vivian Brooks

(1991 - 1993)


Vivian Brooks was born in rural Nevada County, Arkansas. She attended a number of schools and graduated from high school at the age of 16 in 1945. She worked and then attended Henderson State Teachers College in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, at age 17.

In late 1949, she moved to Bay City, Texas, and worked for a number of companies. She began preparing income tax returns, since her major jobs and college training had been in business administration. She passed the Internal Revenue Service Enrollment Test in 1976 and practiced as an Enrolled Agent until her retirement in 1992.

Mrs. Brooks served four years (two terms) on the Sweeny City Council under Mayors A.M. Anderson and Harry Beverly, and she served two years (one term) as Mayor. She was the city's first female mayor.  Prior to her terms, she was not involved in politics, but had always been active in church and civic activities.

When she took office, she finished the work on a grant to repair and replace sewer lines in the city on private property. She applied for and received a grant to purchase a new truck and a chipping machine for starting a city composting service. During her service, the city purchased a new garbage truck and a new ambulance for the Volunteer Fire Department. The city also added onto the fire station. The city received a grant for exercise equipment for the park, now known as Martin Luther King Park, and for the area by the library. Brooks visited other cities and visited their sewer plants.  The city passed a bond issue to clean and paint the water tower and build a sewer plant to handle 15,000 residents.

She instigated the purchase of the new City Hall Building from R.T.C. The city paid $80,000 for the building and refurbished it to make it a City Hall for $10,000. The city had a contest to purchase painting’s created by local artists, and three paintings were purchased for $800.00.

The old city hall, which became the police station, was remodeled. Among the renovations was the addition of a holding cell. She applied for and received a grant for the police department to assist in having a drug dog and other equipment needed. The city sold the old Municipal Judge's Office (at the corner of Third & Pecan) and the court was moved into the same building as the police station.

During rainstorms, she inspected areas in town and found that by cleaning some culverts and gutters, the city could stop some homes from being flooded. The city hired someone with the proper equipment to do this, which provided much relief.

She served as Vice-Chairman of the State Community Development Regional Review Committee of the Houston-Galveston region. She attended a number of meetings with other Mayors and Council members, including the State Meeting of Women Mayors.



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Note:  We give special thanks to Mrs. Brooks for providing this information to us.

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