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The following information has been provided to assist those persons subject to court proceedings.


Driving Safety School

A defendant charged with a moving traffic violation under the state law may be eligible to take a driving safety course in order to have the ticket dismissed and not appear on the permanent driving record of the defendant. In order to take a driving safety course, a defendant must first have permission of the court to do so. If a ticket is dismissed under this provision, it will not appear as a conviction on the driving record and according to state law, should not effect insurance premiums.

The defendant must enter a plea of no contest or guilty and pay applicable state court costs and administrative fees before the course can be approved by the court. Defendants sixteen (16) years of age or younger may also take a driving safety course but a formal court appearance before a judge is required with a parent or legal guardian. Persons other than juveniles may make arrangements for a driving safety course without a formal court appearance. Regardless of the age, the request for a driving safety course must be made in person or in writing on or before the appearance date on the ticket. Proof of financial responsibility and valid Texas Driver's License must be presented when requesting a driving safety course.

The case will be postponed for 90 days to allow time to complete a driving safety course that has been approved by the Texas Education Agency and receive certificate of completion from Texas Department of Public Safety, obtain certified copy of the defendants driving record, and submit both documents to the court.

Not all offenses under the Texas Transportation Code are subject to dismissal upon completion of a driving safety course. A driver will not be eligible to have a charge dismissed by completing a driving safety course it:

  1. A charge of speeding has been filed and the alleged speed is 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit;

  2. A charge has been filed alleging a moving violation occurred in a construction zone with workers present;

  3. A charge has been filed alleging a violation to have occurred on or after September 1, 2003, and, regardless of the type of vehicle being driven at the time the driver holds a commercial driverís license;

  4. Have not completed a driving safety course for dismissal of a violation in the twelve months preceding the offense date;

  5. Are not currently taking the course for another violation; and

  6. Have not committed a serious traffic offense.

NOTE: If you do not complete the course in the required amount of time and/or fail to submit the proper documentation within 90 days, the court will order you to appear for a show cause hearing. Your failure to appear at this hearing will result in an arrest warrant being issued and additional charges being filed.


Deferred Disposition

Deferred disposition is a form of probation that may be available to eligible defendants upon recommendation by the prosecutor or at the discretion of the judge. If the period of the probation is completed by the defendant without any violation of the conditions of probation, at the end of the probationary period, the charge will be dismissed and no record of conviction will result. The applicable court costs must be paid at the time the defendant enters a plea and is granted probation. No probation will be granted without payment of costs assessed. Deferred disposition will not be granted without a formal court appearance by the defendant. Any violation of the conditions will result in a conviction being entered against the defendant for the offense charged and upon conviction, the max fine allowed by law will become immediately due and payable. If that fine is not paid at the time, a warrant will be issued for the arrest of the defendant.


Other Dispositions

Certain documents (italicized below) may be presented at the clerkís window either on or before the assigned court date if the violation is one of the following:

  • Driving without liability insurance (Proof of insurance on the date of citation must be faxed to the clerk at (979) 548-3472 prior to appearance date and time.)
  • Driving without driverís license/fail to present license on demand (currently valid Texas Driverís License)
  • Failure to change address on driverís license (Texas Driverís license with current address)
  • Failure to display inspection certificate (Receipt for inspection within 10 days after citation, expired less than 60 days)
  • Operation of unregistered vehicle (Receipt for registration within 10 days after citation, expired less than 60 days)
  • Operation of vehicle without license plate, wrong, fictitious or unclean plate (Proof of proper plates assigned to vehicle)
  • Operation of motorcycle without seal (Proof motorcycle was properly and correctly registered)
  • Defective equipment (Proof of repairs)
Fine Schedule

The following chart shows fines of some commonly charged traffic and misdemeanor violations.  Contact the court for other fines not shown here at 979-548-3325 or e-mail the court clerk.




Total Fine





$107.00 + $5 per mile over posted limit *



FMFR (No Insurance)

1st Offense = $250.00

2nd Offense = $425.00

3rd Offense or more = Contact Court


Expired Driver's License





No Driver's License





Driving While License Invalid (DWLI)





Ran Red Light





Ran Stop Sign





Backed without Safety





Seatbelt Violation





Expired Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR)





Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVI)





Open Container Alcohol in Motor Vehicle





Possession of Narcotic  Paraphernalia





* Add Court Cost with Fine for total fine.  NOTE:  If the violation occurs in a School Zone there is an additional $25.00 fine.


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