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As of January 1, 2002, most customers in Texas have been able to choose their electric supplier. The law that made this choice possible generally separates the utility business into three parts generation, delivery, and customer service and deregulates some of it. This change gives Texas customers more options for their electric service.

Texas-New Mexico Power Company will continue to be the company that delivers the power you choose over its poles and wires. This function will remain regulated to help ensure reliability of service.

Existing utilities including Texas-New Mexico Power Company have formed affiliated companies that will provide the competitive part of your energy service. TNMP's affiliate is First Choice Power Company. Customers can choose to stay with the affiliated supplier, or they can contract with a new supplier.


Electric Competition in Texas


The links below provide additional information about issues associated with competition.


Other Energy Providers


UPDATE:  In the ever-changing landscape of private enterprise, it is near impossible to monitor the in-business/out-of-business changes affecting this utility.  Therefore, we have removed our list of Electricity Providers and replaced it with a Bing Search suggestion.  Any search engine will provide roughly the same results.


Bing Search Electricity Providers in Sweeny, Texas



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To report a power outage, contact Texas-New Mexico Power Company at 888-866-7456.


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